Creatives Unite!

Some of you may know me and others may not. I have held a handful of blogs within the past 2-3 years, that I have since given up on. Each blog for a different reason. I started to talk about fashion and then decided that I wasn’t a fashion authority because sometimes I am my worst critic. I wanted to talk about life after college but I hadn’t quite lived it yet. I wanted to be a beauty advisor, giving ladies tips and tricks about makeup but I wasn’t spending my money on make up, so it didn’t make sense. I wanted to be a voice for men as well as women, but I honestly I don’t know how dudes live there lives.

I wanted to be so many things but I couldn’t stay consistent and truthfully I had no confidence in myself. So I looked for validation through different outlets. I whined online about guys who didn’t want me back. I whined about jobs I couldn’t get that I felt like I deserved just for graduating from college. I wasn’t putting in the work but I expected things to just happen. That’s not real life.

Some things i’ve learned through experiences and mentors reassuring me, is that no one has it all, especially not at age 24. Especially when it comes to creative dreams, us artists have to work that much harder than most. Being a professional blogger is so much harder because of the saturation in the field. Everyone is a fashion, beauty, travel, foodie and/or lifestyle blogger, right?

So if that’s true, then where is my place? Will I ever stand out? Do people care what I have to say? These questions keep me up at night. The negative thoughts keep me up at night. The self doubt keeps me up at night.

So, what sets me apart from the herd? Let me tell you.

  • My name is Kirwin and i’m one of the few cool kids in the world with that name.
  • I work really hard at the things that are important to me, I don’t rely on my looks because personality just lasts longer.
  • I work with what i’ve got, there are no more excuses for not living my dream.
  • I’ve held many different jobs, so i’ve picked up many good habits, useful information, and life hacks.
  • Most importantly, I have such a strong support system through family, friends, sorority sisters, Instagram friends that i’ve actually met and that I can call my real friends, co-workers, mentors, and other fellow girl and dude bosses.

I am not perfect by any means but when it comes to just living life I am trying. That’s all we can really do. So this is me trying.



P.S. What sets you apart?IMG_1652






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